The Lunar New Year 6 Pack

The Lunar New Year 6 Pack

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Gong Xi Fa Cai! Or Gong Hey Fatt Choi!

Don't want a Gong … HEY FAT… Guy? We got your back. Our boss also hates how she has to force herself to sit down with her relatives, endure bad conversations and drink awful mass produced sugar laden drinks and over eat.

We present your CNY healthier option for the 8 people you truly care about (and can meet up with). We made the packaging ultra lightweight as well with our favourite packaging of the month. You are probably just like our boss. She loves a good pineapple tart, but hates the calories with it. 

So boss made our CNY special - Pineapple Tart kombucha! We have only ONE keg made for this. Her arm got really toned from all that stirring and manning of the cooking down of the pineapple grating into a jam! How many calories is in this version? 32 calories per serving. 

We will also be tossing in other interesting kombuchas for you to try out! 

We do have ONE important request for you though - you MUST keep the kombucha refrigerated in the depths of your fridge upon delivery and please carry it around in a cooler bag. This will help to ensure that you get your drinks intact to your friends and loved ones. Otherwise, there is a risk of insufficient kombucha to go around. 

Please note that the lifespan for this series is shorter than usual. It will in 4 weeks from delivery! 

Price: $36 for 6 Pineapple Tart Kombucha Cans

SPECIAL delivery dates: 31 January and 7 February. Pick-up for free on 30 January or 6 February from our East Village location. Otherwise, please contact us at