Why Fizzicle?


2 words - Founder Power. 

Unofficially known as the Kombucha Queen, Fizzicle Founder Melissa is also best known as SG Fermentation Friend's lead administrator.

An extremely pedantic kombucha maker, she's a little overachieving...

  • Head Judge for Asia's First Kombucha Brew-Off
  • Judge trainer and Guest Judge for Indonesia's Homebrew Kombucha Competition
  • Qualified tea blender and sommelier
  • Sourced for the brand's tea from an organic and family owned Ceylonese tea plantation which is open to visitors (it actually is!)

Our range of Kombucha is just as overachieving as she is... 

  • Certified Organic
  • Good for health
  • Without nasties like refined sugar - we do it with honey! 
  • And we make it interesting! (Why be boring?)