Does kombucha make you fat?

Kombucha is made with 3 key ingredients - tea, sugar (or honey) and starter tea. There are claims by a certain Australian company that their kombucha is sugar-free. BUT!

But the unfortunate truth is you can't make kombucha without sugar.

The symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) needs to be fed, or there won't be any organic acids and bioavailable nutrients in your kombucha. 

Our kombucha has recently gone through a reformulation, where we lowered our sugar levels by 18%. We are still actively working with our scientist consultants to lower this further. 

Versus most commercial sodas, we are at approximately a third of their calorie count at our full volume of 270ml. 

There are a lot of health claims by some kombucha companies that their kombucha aids in weight loss. We are not disputing that. But we will like to bring this to your attention. All studies examining weight loss and kombucha relationships were done on a close DNA rodent cousin - THE RAT, with whom we share only 85% DNA similarity. 

Getting Fizzicle is not the same as getting physical.

What we have done simply put, is to help put your health into good shape on the inside.

Kombucha makes you skinny as much as eating 1 taro bubble makes you fat. 

On its own - it doesn't. 

Combined with getting PHYSICAL, however, it all helps towards a healthier lifestyle. If running isn't for you,  just put on Dua Lipa's Physical via our Spotify playlist to get jiggy in the comfort of your own home. 

Don't forget to get Fizzicle to support your get physical! 

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