Fizzicle 6 Bottle Sample Pack

6 Bottle Sample Pack

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Choose your Junboocha (made with raw honey) flavours
Choose your Kombucha (made with sugar) flavours
Choose your Water Kefir (made with sugar) flavours

Discover Your Perfect 6-Pack!

Our brand new 6-Pack is your passport to delicious discovery! This customizable bundle lets you curate your perfect 6-pack, from our classic Number 1 Junboocha to the tropical vibes of Tropical Kombucha. Explore new tastes or grab your all-time favorites - the choice is yours!

New to Fizzicle Kombucha?

This 6 pack is the ideal way to sample a variety of flavors and find your new go-to drink. Discover the taste of gut-healthy fizz with our diverse selection. 

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Serving Recommendations:
We recommend grabbing 1-2 bottles a day to keep your gut happy! And hey, pair it with some fruits and veggies for an extra health kick!

Can Kids Have Kombucha?
Sure, they can! For our younger sippers, we recommend sticking to 100ml of Kombucha and choosing from our Calmboocha, Hibiscus Jun, or Water Kefir collection - all naturally decaf options!

Shelf Life of Fizzicle Kombucha:
Our kombucha is all-natural, so to keep it fresh and fizzy like you love it, the best way to keep it is to pop it right in the fridge when you get it. A stuffed home fridge might affect how long it stays super fresh. Fizzicle Kombucha is good for 1-2 months in the fridge, even in a crowded one!  

6 x 270ml bottles