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The Ginger junboocha is my favourite! That power of ginger combines with the sweetness of junboocha makes for a great healthy alternative to soft-drinks. If you ever feel like having “something sweet”, get Fizzicle. Even my 12-year-old boy enjoys it!

Neo YCheng

My mom was suffering from a prolonged flu and complained of tiredness, and tightness in the chest. After drinking Immunity and No. 1, my mom commented the tightness had disappeared and felt more energised. It’s a big plus Fizzicle is so tasty! It helped convinced a ‘young’ lady in her 70s to try something new.

Rebecca Koh

Really love the quality drinks, awesome variety of flavours, and efficient delivery. Fizzicle has been great to deal with. They are knowledgeable and offer top-notch service. The drinks have helped build up my immune system.

Carolyn CP


The SCOBY of the Jun can withstand the anti-bacterial properties of raw honey. This means Jun is brewed without refined sugar and contains all the beneficial goodness of honey. Hailed as the "Tea of Immortality", Jun has been consumed for centuries.

Fizzicle Junboocha

*Artisanally hand-crafted in small batches *Brewed with certified organic honey and tea *Refined sugar free with naturally occurring carbonation *Blended by a certified tea sommelier

Shipping Info

Delivery charges:
Free for orders above 10 bottles! 

Free pick-up is available at:
Mr Kneady's, 348 Bedok Road #02-24, The Bedok Marketplace (above Giant Supermarket).

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