What are the good ingredients in Kombucha?

Being in the kombucha business for officially in the last 4 years and fermentation running in our bloodline since forever, folks love to ask us - What are the good ingredients in kombucha? 

The starter is at the very heart of it all. Our starter tea quality is checked on a regular basis to ensure a healthy and tasty finish. 

Besides being a fermenter in the blood, our brewery is the only one with a qualified tea blender and sommelier. Our founder is deeply concerned regarding our tea supply and usually audits the chosen plantation herself! Our current tea supply is from the depths of Sichuan from Mount Emei in mid altitudes, where water and air is fresh, producing outstanding terroir for tea plants. 

But what is tea without water? Any good tea connoisseur will know the role of water in tea making. 

As Singapore's water is "soft", it is good for brewing anything from kombucha to beer! We take an extra step where we filter the water using the Berkey Water Filtration System by Water for Life Singapore . 

Berkey Water Filter System

Post-brewing, we add honey or sugar - depending if we are producing junboocha or kombucha? Did we tell you that we coined the term "junboocha"? 

For our Junboocha, we use wildflower honey where bees are allowed to fly freely to collect nectar from nearby plants. In 2022, we are looking to bring you an even more amazing honey with highest ethical standards.

For our kombucha, we use a hearty blend of sugars optimised to best feed the bacteria and yeast to generate the necessary acids and flavours for your health. In case nobody told you yet, we have adjusted our recipe downwards by 20%; and we are working with local scientists to further reduce the amount of sugar found in our kombucha! 

Here at Fizzicle, we want to bring the best of health and taste. We weren't kidding about taste, check out our Spotify taste list just to experience it on sound! 

As Dua Lipa & Olivia Newton-John will put it, lets get Fizzicle! 


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