What is a SCOBY?

S - Symbiotic

C - Colony

O - Of

B - Bacteria & 

Y - Yeast

There is a mixture of bacteria and yeast, which breaks down different substrates from the simple ingredients - tea and sugar (or honey). By breaking down the polyphenols and sugars, new organic acids are formed, while the bacteria and yeasts reproduce into the kombucha liquids. 

The science behind kombucha is not fully studied yet, owing to the fact that kombucha is burgeoning, yet "new" old beverage that does not have enough financial support behind its science yet. 

The more common benefits of kombucha that are studied includes:

1) Better gut health
2) Improved immunity
3) Increased joint health
4) Mood stability

However, the anecdotal stories on it have been extremely positive. The symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast has been helpful with easing bloatedness, and even decreasing of diabetic sugar readings. 

Consumption of kombucha in small quantities daily is recommended, with exercise, proper hydration and a diet rich in vegetables and fruits! 

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