World Kombucha Day!

Why is World Kombucha Day on 21st February 2021? EASY!

Kombucha is believed to have originated in BC221 in the Qin Dynasty of China! 2 for February and 21 became 21st! 

Kombucha is a fermented tea soda or vinegar! As tea is a key ingredient in the making of kombucha, hence it is widely believed that kombucha is of Chinese roots. 

What can you do to embrace World Kombucha Day

Kombucha Consumers

  • Share this article on social media 
  • Post photos of you with your favorite Kombucha brand/homebrew & use the social media tags
  • Host a Kombucha tasting with friends
  • Wear your favorite Kombucha swag – post photos on social media
  • Share your story of how Kombucha has impacted your life on social media & tag us