Passionfruit Mint

Passionfruit Mint

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An uncommon partnership, this junboocha will calm your nerves and soothe your belly in a bottle. Passionfruit helps improve your heart health and lower anxiety levels, while mint improves digestion and relieves bloat. 

- Filtered water
- Live kombucha cultures
- Wildflower honey
- Passionfruit
- Green tea
- Mint


Single: One 270ml Bottle
12 Pack: 12 x 270ml Bottles (pay for 11)
24 Pack Subscription: 24 x 270ml delivered 3 times (every 4 weeks) 

Containing a host of goodness like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, riboflavin and carotene, passionfruit helps improve your heart health and lower anxiety levels. Along with mineral goodies such as potassium, magnesium and iron, this is the must-have to lower GI and improve bowel movement! Passionfruit also contains harman, which treats insomnia and restlessness.
We included a rare varietal of mint that is less fibrous into the drink so you can chew together with the passionfruit seeds to enhance your digestion!
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