Kefir or Kombucha?

Here at Fizzicle, we are kombucha/kefir makers and health & wellness enthusiasts first. There was a stage when our Chief Fizzician wanted to pursue medicine, but she didn't have the patience to make it as a Physician (pun intended). 

So here we have a great video by Dr. Eric Berg DC explaining the difference between Kefir and Kombucha. Please do note that in this video it is a sharing about milk kefir and not water kefir, which we produce. Water Kefir does contain Lactic Acid, which Dr. Eric Berg mentions in the video. 

Kombucha vs Kefir: What Is the Difference?

Here is our executive summary of his sharing in terms of benefits. Both are great in inflammation reduction, which is medical speak for swelling and pain. 

Kombucha (Acetic Acid)  Kefir (Lactic Acid)
  • Increases digestion, due to acidity from acetic acid
  • Decreases pathogen growth
  • Increases mineral absorption
  • Helps to make insulin more sensitive (which means it binds sugar to your body more readily)
  • Reduces blood pressure 

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Kombucha vs Kefir: Which One is Right for You?

The choice between kefir and kombucha ultimately depends on personal taste preferences and specific health goals. If you prefer a tangy drink with a yogurt-like texture, or a drink that is slightly sweet and sour taste, with a fizzy texture that is similar to soda, kefir is an excellent choice.

On the other hand, if you seek a refreshing, slightly effervescent tea beverage with diverse flavor options, kombucha might be more appealing.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Kombucha vs Kefir

1. Are kombucha and water kefir the same thing?

No, they are not the same. While both are fermented beverages, kombucha is made from tea and a SCOBY, while water kefir is made from water and kefir grains.

2. Which one is healthier: kombucha or water kefir?

Both beverages offer health benefits due to their probiotic content. The choice depends on individual preferences and dietary restrictions.

3. Do kombucha and water kefir contain alcohol?

Yes, both kombucha and water kefir can contain a small amount of alcohol due to the fermentation process. During fermentation, the natural sugars in the ingredients are broken down by bacteria and yeast into various compounds, including alcohol. 

While the alcohol levels in these beverages are generally low, people with alcohol intolerance, pregnant or breastfeeding moms should consult their healthcare provider before drinking these beverages to ensure it is safe for them.


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