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Every sale of our kombucha and kefir with a CAT Fizzicle card will have:

  • 10% of its sales proceeds going to ACRES, and
  • 5% of its sales proceeds going to the Singapore Red Cross Response to Ukraine.

3 steps... One, place an order for this card. Two, order your kombucha. Three, checkout your cart!

This idea emerged when we were doing our marketing planning for April Fool's Day, and we thought it was a fun (and probably lucrative) idea that we became a pets' supply store and not be a fermentation company any longer. As we went down the rabbit's hole, we decided to get wilder with our idea to develop our company name into CATFizzicle (not GETFizzicle) and even bought the website CATFIZZICLE.COM for PR and gag reasons. 

Clearly, we realised we went too far over the edge and wanted to do something more for the community with our rampant energy. Our Head Operations loved ACRES and cats, while the Chief Fizzician loved humans and doesn't like the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict. 

 The artist Siying or Scubaabaa on Instagram took our design brief perfectly and delivered us our Fortune Cat with Fizzicle.

While the market and economy is topsy turvy, Fizzicle won't starve without its 15% of sales proceeds. But, we know people and animals who would appreciate our hand up. So please circulate this website with every Facebook group, Instagram influencer be it with 10 or 10K followers, your mother's kaypoh aunties and uncles Whatsapp groups. 

If you know someone who needs employment or even an internship, please get them to reach out to us at We will love to hear from them and provide any potential leads or a position within our xSME.