Osmanthus Pu'erh Kombucha

Osmanthus Pu'erh Kombucha

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Traditional. Heirloom. Cultured. 

This is Fizzicle.

Handcrafted using our heirloom TIBETAN kombucha culture, our Lunar New Year special -Osmanthus Pu'erh Kombucha is an absolute foil to CNY feasting (and bloating). 

This helps you to say no to soft drinks! Offer your elders a bottle of this traditional kombucha crafted using Pu'erh and osmanthus flowers instead. 

    Ingredients: Filtered water, live cultures, sugar, pu'erh tea and osmanthus. 

    Taste profile: Woody, earthy, floral and citrusy.


    Single: One 270ml Bottle
    4 Pack: 4 x 270ml Bottles
    12 Pack: 12 x 270ml Bottles (Pay for 11 only!)

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